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Heineken lost lawsuit against Csiki Beer Manufactury due to the production of Real Csiki Beer at second instance too. The final judgment of the Court of Suceava County rejected the application of the multinational company and ordered the plaintiff to pay legal costs, szekelyhon.ro says.

Last year, Heineken sued the owner of Csikszentsimon brewery also producing the Real Csiki Sor, Andras Lenard entrepreneur, on charges of infringements of intellectual property, disloyal competition and unfair trade activities.

According to the Dutch brewer, the new product name is very similar to the name of Ciuc Premium beer, which is bottled in the Csikszereda plant of the company. Heineken tried to reach by a Presidential Decree to close down the beer production in Csikszentsimon immediately.

Harghita County Tribunal rejected the applicant’s claim in December, and the appeal was on the agenda of the Marosvasrhely Court. However, Supreme Court moved the lawsuit to Suceava, because the multinational company thought the press coverage of the its lawsuit against Csiki Beer Manufactory and the “fame and symphaty surrounding” Andras Lenard would influence the objectivity and impartiality of the judges of the Marosvasarhely Court.

According to szekelyhon.hu, Suceava County Tribunal dismissed the appeal of Heineken in its Wednesday judgement, and ordered the applicant to pay by virtue legal costs 8951 leis to the defendant Lixid Project Ltd. and 2775 leis to Andras Lenard. Rodica Neagu Dumitrescu court spokesman said that according to the new Civil Litigation proceedings the final judgment cannot be appealed.

Gabor Hajdu, lawyer of Csiki Beer Manufactory said that this conflict unleashed by Heineken has not yet been finalized; the company is also attacking on other fronts the Szekelyföld company.

The Dutch beer manufacturer complained to the specialized agency of the EU, Internal Market Office for Harmonisation in Alicante, Spain, requesting to establish agency engaged in all the Member States of Community trademarks, design registration that Real Csik Beer is the counterfeit version of Ciuc Premium.

“We think it would have been difficult because the form and the quality of the product of Csik Beer Manufactory is better than the Heineken beer. The Company believes that they (Heineken) own the names Ciuc and Csik, while they could say only they can use the names Csik homamde bread and Csik wine water” – Gabor Hajdu said.

The lawyer from Csikszereda said the consumer protection also inquires why there is on the label of the Real Csik Beer that it is a Transylvania product.

The Kronika revealed earlier that during the lawsuit at first instance, Heineken showed Lixid Project Ltd, which produces the claimed product, and its owner, Andras Lenard as local producers operating in the “so-called” Szekelyland.

After the article of szekelyhon.ro, a movement launched on the social site Facebook to boycott the products of Heineken, even the mayors in Szekelyfold, Church leaders, leaders of social organizations asked the Dutch company desist from the lawsuit against the small local manufacturer. In January, the multinational company recognized in its Romanian and Hungarian-language announcement the existence of Szekelyfold and ensured its respecte.


based on the article of szekelyhon.ro translated by BA

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Read more at: http://dailynewshungary.com/heineken-lost-csik-beer-lawsuit/


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